Engine Steam Cleaning

Engine cleaning degreasing, engine bay cleaning

Engine steam cleaning / de-greasing, is a service to clean your engine and make it sparkle again.

The most common reason we get asked to steam clean an engine, is because there is an oil leak which needs to be identified, or sometimes if the oil filler cap has been left off, and oil has gone everywhere !!

car engine being cleaned by patrol.services the garage in a van mobile mechanic and steam cleaning

Looking to spruce up your engine bay !!??

Our engine cleaning service is, in our opinion, second to none..

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Traditionally, people call engine bay cleaning steam cleaning, but we only use steam where we really need too. We use a combination of steam, and a range of cleaners and solutions which are friendly to the electrical components found common place on today's modern engines.

Steam cleaning is fine on older engines which have less electronic components and electrical connectors and cables, but on modern engines we prefer to clean in our own special way..And the results speak for themselves !! 

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